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We offer counselling sessions for individuals requiring empathic support and traditional talk-therapy.

Having trouble sleeping? Getting angry, frustrated because you can't fall asleep or stay asleep or wake up too frequently? Feeling fatigue and lack of energy? Hypnosis has been clinically shown to improve sleep quality.

Quit smoking permanently in as little as 1 session.

Permanent weight loss is achieved through addressing bad habits and emotional eating.

Don't be held back because of your fears of flying, public speaking, clausterphobia...

Improve concentration, memory and motivation to bring happiness and success into your life.

Relieve emotional strain in personal, social and work relationships.

Increase self-esteem and feel great about yourself.

Have healthy looking nails and never feel self-conscious again.

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Tap into the power of YOUR unconscious mind.

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Hypnosis is for Everyone

Did you know that most people can be hypnotized, including strong-willed and analytical people?
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Happiness through Hypnosis

Lasting change starts within ourselves. Information is readily available and accessible to help us change, but change happens only when we are ready. Everyone can experience hypnosis but you can only get hypnotized when you are ready. This site provides information on the applications, safety, and myths about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. If your questions did not get answered, email info @ for an individualized response to your situation.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you discover and utilize your own resources to make lasting, profound improvements in your life. Discover the power of suggestion to open doors to better health, well-being, and opportunities. With hypnosis and hypnotherapy, a sense of control and calmness can be felt as early as the first session.

Below is a list of issues for which hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective: stress, anxiety, fears, insomnia, habit change, weight loss, and general self-improvement, etc.

Overcome Irrational Fears and Phobias
The list of fears and phobias can be quite varied and long: fear of flying, needles, public speaking, death, spiders, germs, bugs, darkness, snakes, writing tests, swimming, etc...Children and adults can develop irrational fears that impact their everyday life. If you are planning your life or other's lives around your fears, then the fears are out of control and your quality of life is suffering. Worries, anxieties, and panic attacks can be very debilitating and stressful. Hypnosis helps reduce or eliminate reactions to the feared object or situation so you can feel more in control of your fears. Click the link above for more information.

Manage Life, Work, and Relationship Stress
Stress is insidious because it can go on for many years or decades without observable negative signs or symptoms. There is a lot of advocacy for work/life balance, but do people know how to achieve it? Exercise is a great option for managing daily frustrations. Mindfulness is a newer term for an old concept (i.e., hypnosis). Mindfulness is achieved by going into a light hypnotic state. Those who practice being in the "now" already know the positive effects of being mindful. Learning self-hypnosis provides a deeper mindfulness experience. Click the link above to find out more.

Stop Addictive Behaviours with Hypnosis
Anyone who has tried to quit smoking on their own knows that it's not easy. Smoking is a habit that has been reinforced for many years. Smoking is associated with many facets of your life from as soon as you get up in the morning until you go bed. To break such an engrained and powerful habit needs a powerful technique such as hypnotherapy. Attempting to stop any type of habitual or addictive behaviours can benefit from hypnotic techniques. Such behaviours include over drinking, gambling, eating, and drug use. Click the link above to find out more.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Losing weight with hypnosis corrects incorrect assumptions about food. Hypnotherapy also reduces and minimizes cravings for sweets, fats, and reduces your desire for overeating (portion control) and gives you back control over food. Click the link above for more information

Quit Nail Biting with Hypnosis
Nail biting is a common but embarassing habit. Most people don't even know when they are biting their nails, but with hypnosis, you can stop nail biting with little effort. Hypnosis helps increase awareness of the habit so you can prevent nail biting.

The type of problems hypnosis & hypnotherapy can address is not limited the above issues. Email or call for a consultation to see how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you.

Remember that everyone has already experienced hypnosis and may not even know it. According to Grinder and Bandler: "you already know a great deal about hypnosis under other names, or under no name at all". Hypnosis is quite a common trance state that we all zip in and out of every 90 minutes or so. Anyone who's day-dreamed or been in a TV-trance or an elevator trance has been in hypnosis.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be experienced by anyone who can understand the spoken language and can follow instructions. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy has helped children as young as three years of age overcome common childhood problems. Young or old, hypnosis can be utilized by all people to better themselves.

At The New You Hypnotherapy, we are experts in hypnosis. We use the latest knowledge and research on hypnotherapeutic techniques to promote lasting change. We respect your privacy and confidentiality and endeavour to provide the highest standard of professional service. Hypnotherapy is an adjunct modality that uses hypnosis and can be applied in conjunction with traditional treatment models.


The use of hypnosis has spanned thousands of years. The recognition of hypnosis as a medical adjunct was brought to light by Anton Mesmer. Read about the controversial historical account of the introduction of medical hypnosis.

Since the time hypnosis was 'discovered' there have been many advances made in the techniques and applications of hypnotherapy. A highly influential psychiatrist, Dr. Milton Erickson (1901 - 1980), considered to be the father of modern-day hypnosis, believed that all his patients had the full resources to create their own solutions. Over the course of his sixty-year practice, he helped over 30,000 patients discover their own cures through hypnosis.

Currently, active research is showing that hypnosis is a versatile tool that can be highly effective for helping individuals achieve their personal, work, and interpersonal goals.

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